Build Your Own Party Tray From $60 for 5 People.

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Build Your Own Catering Tray

This is one of the best from Genghisgrills if you like giving parties and love grilled food.

You can order online,  pick your favorite foods, make your payment and collect. If you have points you can use them and get your own tray even cheaper than $60 for 5 people.

It will be unforgettable and the Tastiest Party Ever with Genghisgrills.

First you should decide either pick your Signature Tray or Create Your Own One

There are 10 signature trays to choose for you. They all $60 and enough for 5 people to feed.

If you like you can create your own tray and call it your Special Signature Tray. Once you decide what you need you can start to create your own signature tray with choosing your proteins, spices, veggies, sauces and side.

Here is how can you do it

Choose your proteins: Choose up to 3 options from these below:

 Choose your spices: Choose up to 4 options from these below:

 Choose your vegetables: Choose up to 5 options of these:

Choose your sauces: Choose up to 2 options from:

Choose your side:

If you want to enter any special instructions; there is no extra cost for altering substitutions/additions.

This is an affordable and tasty meal available at participating Genghisgrills Restaurants . Most of all it is your own Special Signature Tray.

Pickup Hours: 11am-9:30pm ( Friday and Saturday till 10:30)


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