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Attention all Genghis Grill Fans!!  This is a Bowl Madness News.

If you are a Genghis Grill Fan you know how delicious and healthy bowls you can get.

Are you ready for great news? Here we go!

For limited time only, Bottomless Bowls are back again.  Go as often as you like and eat as much as you like.  You only pay for the large bowl price for your bottomless bowl. Isn’t that great? For the price of a large bowl, you can get unlimited trips to the line! Free bowl refills just as you can imagine!

Here’s the last Bottomless Bowl Contest Details for 2 Weeks on March 2019;

This is just a starting; we have some very exciting contest news for you.

You could win a free bottomless bowl.

All you need to do is take part in Genghis Grill’s social contest between March 12-18 and you might be the winner of a grand prize.

How Can You Enter the Contest?

Day 1 of 5: “I wish I could have bottomless ___.”

Fill in that part with your favourite endless food and add EMOJI in the end, if you comment Genghis Grill Instagram Page you could win a Free Bowl.⠀

Prizes will be awarded on Monday March 18th at noon, so make sure to enter all contests – and alert your friends to join in.⠀

Let’s start with the contest for an unlimited, bottomless, health, stir fry, yummy, and give a way contest and comment with an EMOJI.

Day 2 of 5: “Find a Fun Name for the Genghis Grill Fictional Basketball Team”

Who doesn’t love Basketball? Which one is your favourite team? Is it Warriors, maybe Celtics or Rockets? We love Basketball and we love Genghis Grill.

The NBA season will end on 10th of April 2019 and we will celebrate all basketball games with a bowl of Genghis Grill and a bottle of selected beer. This is “#HowWeGenghis” for the finals too.

Imagine! Genghis Grill has a Basketball Team and playing in finals.

Wait a minute! We have no name for our team so we need your help.

Give your best imagine fun name and comment on Genghis Grills Instagram post Day 2 of 5 and stand to get a chance to have 2 FREE BOWLSfrom Genghis Grill nearby you.

All prizes will be awarded on Monday March 18th at noon, so make sure to enter all 5 contests until then!

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