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Genghis Grill’s Bottomless Bowls are back! All month long get unlimited trips for the price of one large bowl, and it doesn’t matter if you’re on your own or with friends. How many bowls will you stack? Catch this promotion while it’s in session.

Bottomless is full swing at all times during October so come by today and try something different than what everyone else has ordered before – we guarantee they won’t be able to stop eating once their first bite arrives.

Get ready to try something new with Genghis Grill chefs! They created a recipe card featuring juicy chicken, fresh broccoli and sweet pineapple cooked in the Teriyaki sauce. For another summer dish grab a BBQ Chicken Bowl – tender marinated BBQ chicken served up on top of rice noodles topped off by baby corn and loads more veggies that are perfect for any day. Zucchini  If you’re feeling Asian inspired dinner out  tonight then go ahead an order Genghis Khan’s version which features bean sprouts cilantro + green onions making it healthier too 🙂 It doesn’t stop there either get your hands on some Shrimp while they last.

Try it today! It is available in-store and at your local participating stores only. Check availability near you now or call ahead to avoid disappointment.

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