Genghis Grill 2 for 25

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Genghis Grill Is Celebrating 21th Birthday This Week

Genghis Grill, a popular Mongolian barbecue that opened in Dallas by entrepreneur Jeff Sinelli 21 years ago is celebrating its birthday this week. They want to celebrate with you by offering “2 regular bowls of your choice for only $25” from September 1st till 8th!

It’s an exciting time for all those who love dining out. Have you been there yet? For those who have yet been there or are curious about the food they offer, go ahead and make plans with friends or family now so you can enjoy great eats together! Find a location near you here.

 To celebrate Genghis Grills 23rd birthday use the code ‘2BOWL25’ for getting your 2 regular bowls for only $25 this week.

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Teriyaki Chicken Bowl for only $7.99

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Natural low fat white chicken breast with vegetables like broccoli, green onion mixed with pineapple in a sweet soy ginger teriyaki sauce to stay sweet. You can add on either white rice or your choice of base like brawn rice or udon noddles. Topped with crunchy chow mein.

Small bowl gives you only 600 calories but in a healthy way of mixing and preparing.
Use code TERIYAKI at checkout to get your signature Teriyaki Chicken bowl for only $7.99 ⠀
For a limited time only at participating locations!

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Genghis Grill 20% Off Tuesdays

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Genghis Grill Order Online

Your Carry Out to Go Order is ready!

And you can get it online or curbside pick up.

Just go online and either order one of our signature bowls or build your own. If you like call your restaurant when you arrive your take away will come to your car. don’t forget to use your code.


You get to see all the ingredients that go into the delicious bowl, as well as how many calories they contain.

If that doesn’t excite you already, then take a look at Genghis Grill Signature Bowls.

Teriyaki Chicken is all natural white meat chicken with broccoli, green onions and pineapple in a sweet soy ginger teriyaki sauce with white rice or your choice of base. It’s topped with crunchy Chow Mein

Sesame Beef is seasoned shaved beef with spinach, carrots, onions, and cilantro in our signature Sesame sauce with Udon noodles or your choice of base. It is topped with toasted sesame seeds.

Mongolian BBQ Steak is Chili-marinated sirloin steak with roasted red peppers, green bell peppers, onion and water chestnuts in our signature Mongolian BBQ sauce with white rice or your choice of base. It is topped with wonton strips.

Kung Pao Chicken is all natural white meat chicken with baby corn, carrots, and green onions in a spicy Kung Pao sauce with fried rice or your choice of base. It is topped with peanuts.

What are you waiting for? Place your order now!

Deals & Coupons Khan`s Rewards Promotions

Eat, Pray and Love with Genghisgrills Khan’s Rewards

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All Loyalty is awarded in Genghisgrills .

If you are a fun of Genghisgrills you already know this.

If you just heard about it from us please keep reading. With all points and rewards are very exciting . You will be a fun of Genghisgrills after reading this page.

Let’s have a look and get more excited. When you spend for food you can also earn for extra food as well which is really excellent. Each $1 will return you as 5 points. When you get more points you can get your free food or rewards. If you have 350 points, you can redeem for a Free Appetizer or Dessert. If you keep these points and let it grow till 750 points, you will automatically receive a $10 reward but you have only 60 days to get this reward.

Be quick in 60 days your $10 reward will expire. Free bowls currently on your account will convert to $10 rewards after 60 days. The $10 rewards will be valid for an additional 60 days.

For every point currently on your account, you will receive 65 points. This is incredible reminds me a film name. Eat, love and pray.

Other nice thing is an additional reward which includes one special offer for your birthday.

Genghis Grills Celebrates your birthday. You can precede a free birthday bowl if you visited 4 or more time in the 12 months. You only have two weeks. Bowls are valid for two weeks. I might eat without waiting I guess.

If you were there less than 4 times in the 12 months you can precede a free shareable or dessert for your birthday. The Free Appetizer or Dessert offer will be valid for two weeks again. How can you resist this offer?

On the other hand as appreciation to current Khan’s rewards members, all current members will receive one free birthday bowl for their birthday reward for the next 12 months. This is also marvellous. You will either win or win. If you want to try here is the link for Genghisgrills.

Have Fun….

*Alcoholic beverages are not included in eligible purchases to earn Khan’s Rewards points.


Deals & Coupons Discounts Khan`s Rewards Promotions Updates

How to Benefit from Discounts Released by Genghis Grill

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If you are here, you probably have one goal in mind and one goal only. And that is to find some new discounts that you can use the next time when you visit Genghis Grill. If this should be the case, read more to find out some new ways that can help you get that much closer to finding discounts from this great restaurant and thus save money the next time when you visit Genghis Grill.

Khan`s Rewards

Perhaps the easiest way there is to be among the first to benefit of various discounts released by Genghis Grill is to subscribe to Khan`s Rewards. This is actually the name of the brand`s club that include loyal customers who enjoy visiting its restaurants on a regular basis. Becoming one of this club`s members will allow you to receive special deals, free birthday bowls and the latest updates that the Genghis Grill releases.

Are you interested in how Khan`s Rewards work? Well, it`s quite simple. When you become a member of this club, you get points when buying items from Genghis Grill. When you have earned 9 points, you get a free bowl. This is a way the company says “Thank You” to its most loyal customers. Then you get 1/2 point for any future bowls. Points might vary depending on your location. Customers can redeem their free bowls for any Small or Regular bowls. These deals are available at any participating Genghis Grill location.


Coupons have always been an important marketing strategy at Genghis Grill.

  • Buy One, Get One Coupon – it allows you to get one free bowl for every bowl bought.
  • Monday Madness, Tuesday Kids Eat Free –With this coupon customers benefit of bowls for just $6.99 each Monday, while children can eat free of charge on Tuesday.
  • All for $24.99 – A coupon that can get you 2 bowls, 2 drinks and an ice cream sundae for just $24.99.
  • $9.99 Bowl Combo – This coupon can get you 1 bowl and 1 soft drink for just $9.99.
  • Happy Halloween – Kids Eat Free – The “Happy Halloween” coupon is back because the Halloween holiday is near. Take your kid with you, buy an adult bowl and your kid will eat for free.

Free Birthday Bowls

As highlighted above, all members of Khan`s Rewards will get a free bowl for his birthday. If you managed to subscribe, in the Monday of of your birthday`s week you`ll get a free birthday bowl and you`ll have fourteen days to redeem your bowl. You`ll have this free bowl loaded on your account.

Khan`s Rewards Card

Another great way to save at Genghis Grill is to use the Khan`s Rewards Card. What you need to do is visit the official site of the company, make a click on the Khan`s Rewards button, and then choose “Register Card.” Your card will start to accumulate points, but your rewards won`t be available for redemption until you register your card.

Keep in mind that you won`t actually get a physical plastic card. As soon as you registered, you`ll get an e-mail along with your username and a password. This login info should be used to check your transaction history or access the balance of your card. You can accumulate points by telling your email address to your warrior whenever you dine at one of the brand`s restaurants.

In Conclusion

As you see, there`s more than one single way of benefiting of discounts from Genghis Grill. What you need to do is any of the methods above that will appeal your interest.