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Did you hear the good news about Genghis Grill Signature Recipes?

We now have lots of new combinations to try out, and they all taste great!

They even added new ingredients to some of our old recipes just to spice them up for you.

So find a Genghis Grill location near you, place your order and come collect you delicious bowl. Once you dig in, you will enjoy these new and exciting tastes and flavors.

Genghis Grill is constantly changing its signature recipes to mix things up and keep customers excited.

There are 12 signature bowls that you can sample today!

These are Garden Veggie, Thai Peanut Veggie, Shrimp Tacos, Honey Calamari and Shrimp, Sizzlin’ Citrus Fish, South West Roja, Flamin’ Chicken and Bacon, Steak Fajita, BBQ 3 Meets, Chicken Fajita Bowl, Blazin’ Cajun Sausage, Mongolian Pasta.

Newly-featured recipe cards include Shrimp Tacos, South West Roja, Steak Fajita and Chicken Fajita.

Roja Salsa sauce is the new item on the menu, and so are the roasted red peppers. The peppers are added to the South West Roja and the Roja sauce to make one complete and tasty Southwest Roja Bowl.

The bowl has a spicy kick to it too, giving you a Southwest flavor that you surely love. Shaved beef serves as the protein base for the meal. The ginger garlic mix and roasted chili peppers give the bowl a bold flavor, while the pineapples mix well with the Roja Sauce for a perfect blend between sweet and spicy. If you want a smokey taste to be added to your bowl, you can throw in some barbeque sauce as well.

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