Latest GG bottomless bowls offer Oct 2021

Genghis Grill’s Bottomless Bowls are back! All month long get unlimited trips for the price of one large bowl, and it doesn’t matter if you’re on your own or with friends. How many bowls will you stack? Catch this promotion while it’s in session.

Bottomless is full swing at all times during October so come by today and try something different than what everyone else has ordered before – we guarantee they won’t be able to stop eating once their first bite arrives.

Get ready to try something new with Genghis Grill chefs! They created a recipe card featuring juicy chicken, fresh broccoli and sweet pineapple cooked in the Teriyaki sauce. For another summer dish grab a BBQ Chicken Bowl – tender marinated BBQ chicken served up on top of rice noodles topped off by baby corn and loads more veggies that are perfect for any day. Zucchini  If you’re feeling Asian inspired dinner out  tonight then go ahead an order Genghis Khan’s version which features bean sprouts cilantro + green onions making it healthier too 🙂 It doesn’t stop there either get your hands on some Shrimp while they last.

Try it today! It is available in-store and at your local participating stores only. Check availability near you now or call ahead to avoid disappointment.


Genghis Grill Triple Points

Birthday Blowout Genghis Grill 3x Points 

Genghis Grill is celebrating their 23rd year with a triple point week that ends on September 9th. Download the mobile app to get involved!

During this time, you can order via mobile and earn three times as many points for your meal at Genghis Grill.

Not earning enough yet? Well now’s your chance because downloading the App will give you even more chances of winning prizes at Genghis Grill!

Don’t miss out; head over to Genghis today before it’s too late!!

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Updates dishes

Get Carne Asada Near By Genghis Grill

Carne Asada by Genghis Grill is now available online:
Classic Mexican steak bowl featuring marinated Carne Asada:

Did you know that Carne Asada is one of the most popular recipes in Mexican cuisine? Have you ever wondered how long it takes to create a bowl full of mouth-watering, juicy Carne Asada steak?  The first step to creating your perfect dish is building up your base. This will be the foundation for all of those delicious toppings so choose wisely! First off pick out some meat; chef’s recommendation are marinated steaks called carnes asadas and they come with an amazing mix: cilantro and juicy jalapenos. We want our food tasting great not bland so make sure we have just enough seasoning on them.

For a unique taste, add onion slices and garlic water for some sweat flavor. Add green bell peppers or jalapenos to get heat in your meal. Roast red pepper will give it smoky flavor with cilantro adding freshness. Before giving the tray of food to the chef, be sure you’ve added salt, black pepper and 3G sauces because these ingredients are great at caramelizing meat as well as vegetables! The dish only takes five minutes on grill so look forward to having healthy tasty dishes which take 5 minutes total time – that’s pretty quick!

Updates dishes

Genghis Orange Chicken Bowl

Genghis Grills has a new dish; Chicken in Orange sauce for you to try.

The delicious new dish features a healthy bowl of chicken, your favorite carb and organge segments.

Unfortunately this brand-new dish is only available at selected stores and via online order and collection or for delivery via Doordash.

Click here to find out the details of your nearest store and ask them for details before you order.


Genghis Grill Florida Is Open

Great News!

Genghis Grill Florida is Fully Open now!

After Covid-19 pandemic Genghis Grill started serving to-go customers only but as of today the first restaurant is offering dine-in meals.

And the lucky citizens of Florida will be the first to sit down and enjoy their favorite Genghis Grill meals in weeks!

Updates Deals & Coupons

Genghis Grill Covid Update

Genghis Grill is still Open for You

Because of government instructions regarding Covid-19, Genghis Grill made some adjustments to its opening hours.

First of all Genghis Grill;s NEW STORE HOURS are from 12PM-8PM
Secondly Genghis Restaurants are open, but do not allow dinning at their tables or sitting.

You can still find everything you need to create your any size or flavor of sizzling bowl; but the restaurants will offer takeaway service only until further notice.

You can still Order Online and pick it up by yourself.

You can also order home delivery ou can have On the Go orders by DoorDash Delivery.

Doordash delivery a is free service for Genghis Grill customers!

Also there is an exclusive offer for users of the Genghis Grill app.

Deals & Coupons Discounts Promotions Updates

Have You Heard About the Gift Cards Offered by Genghis Grill?

Let`s say you heard about Genghis Grill and you think it`s a awesome brand. It`s only logical that you what`s going on with it lately, what new things has added to their menu and what new discounts it offers. Well, the topic for today is the company`s gift cards.

Genghis Grill Is Offering Gift Cards

The gift cards offered by Genghis Grill are a wonderful way to show your close friends or family members how much you love them. They are available in denominations from $5 to $250 and can be bought from any participating location or online from this page. Plastic gift cards take up to 10 days to be delivered.

Customers who already have a gift card and are interested in checking their balance can visit this web page. Once they are there, they need to add their gift card number in the required field without any spaces.

GG gift cards are accepted at all of the company`s locations in the U.S. You can find your nearest location on the visiting Genghis Restaurant locations.

General Gift Cards Guidelines

  • Those who already own a gift card might be interested in a few guidelines before starting to use them.
  • If you need any help with your gift card, you can get assistance by calling at 1-888-GENGHIS.
  • You can have your gift card reloaded at any of the brand`s participating locations.
  • GG gift cards don`t have an expiration date.
  • If you lose your gift card or it gets stolen, you can`t replaced it.

Why these Gift Cards Make Great Gifts

Let`s say you have an anniversary coming up soon or you want to make a surprise to someone you love. Check out why these gift cards can make wonderful gifts.

Gift of Health – The person whom you offering a gift card has a present will have more than 80 delightful ingredients from which to choose, all healthy and fresh. Unlike offering a gift card from a fast-food restaurant, you aren`t only offering a great meal, but also a healthy one.

Entertainment while Waiting – Each table from the DFW area has touch-screen tablets set up by Genghis Grill. People are now able to pay the bills without leaving their table. What`s cool at these tablets is that they offer fun games that customers can play while they wait for their bill.

The Power to Give Back – Genghis Grill is one of those great brands who let people build their very own fundraisers. The person you offer such a gift card will the opportunity to give back to any organization they see fit.

Genghis Grill gift cards

You Are Offering an Experience – Almost everyone knows by now that customers like Genghis Grill not only because of the ingredients they get to use when building their bowls, but also for the great experience they enjoy while building them.

Deals & Coupons Discounts Khan`s Rewards Promotions Updates

How to Benefit from Discounts Released by Genghis Grill

If you are here, you probably have one goal in mind and one goal only. And that is to find some new discounts that you can use the next time when you visit Genghis Grill. If this should be the case, read more to find out some new ways that can help you get that much closer to finding discounts from this great restaurant and thus save money the next time when you visit Genghis Grill.

Khan`s Rewards

Perhaps the easiest way there is to be among the first to benefit of various discounts released by Genghis Grill is to subscribe to Khan`s Rewards. This is actually the name of the brand`s club that include loyal customers who enjoy visiting its restaurants on a regular basis. Becoming one of this club`s members will allow you to receive special deals, free birthday bowls and the latest updates that the Genghis Grill releases.

Are you interested in how Khan`s Rewards work? Well, it`s quite simple. When you become a member of this club, you get points when buying items from Genghis Grill. When you have earned 9 points, you get a free bowl. This is a way the company says “Thank You” to its most loyal customers. Then you get 1/2 point for any future bowls. Points might vary depending on your location. Customers can redeem their free bowls for any Small or Regular bowls. These deals are available at any participating Genghis Grill location.


Coupons have always been an important marketing strategy at Genghis Grill.

  • Buy One, Get One Coupon – it allows you to get one free bowl for every bowl bought.
  • Monday Madness, Tuesday Kids Eat Free –With this coupon customers benefit of bowls for just $6.99 each Monday, while children can eat free of charge on Tuesday.
  • All for $24.99 – A coupon that can get you 2 bowls, 2 drinks and an ice cream sundae for just $24.99.
  • $9.99 Bowl Combo – This coupon can get you 1 bowl and 1 soft drink for just $9.99.
  • Happy Halloween – Kids Eat Free – The “Happy Halloween” coupon is back because the Halloween holiday is near. Take your kid with you, buy an adult bowl and your kid will eat for free.

Free Birthday Bowls

As highlighted above, all members of Khan`s Rewards will get a free bowl for his birthday. If you managed to subscribe, in the Monday of of your birthday`s week you`ll get a free birthday bowl and you`ll have fourteen days to redeem your bowl. You`ll have this free bowl loaded on your account.

Khan`s Rewards Card

Another great way to save at Genghis Grill is to use the Khan`s Rewards Card. What you need to do is visit the official site of the company, make a click on the Khan`s Rewards button, and then choose “Register Card.” Your card will start to accumulate points, but your rewards won`t be available for redemption until you register your card.

Keep in mind that you won`t actually get a physical plastic card. As soon as you registered, you`ll get an e-mail along with your username and a password. This login info should be used to check your transaction history or access the balance of your card. You can accumulate points by telling your email address to your warrior whenever you dine at one of the brand`s restaurants.

In Conclusion

As you see, there`s more than one single way of benefiting of discounts from Genghis Grill. What you need to do is any of the methods above that will appeal your interest.

Deals & Coupons Discounts Khan`s Rewards Promotions Updates

Genghis Grill Buy One Get One Free

I have to be honest about something. Until 2 years ago I didn`t even know about Genghis Grill. Time has passed and things have changed. Now I`m writing a post about the “Genghis Grill Buy One, Get One Free” coupon on a small blog that is entirely dedicated to Genghis Grills. For me it;s a big thing considering 2 years ago I didn`t even knew what to do to have a blog. Why Genghis Grill? Do I even need to highlight why?

I like eating out because it brings a special touch to the entire meal. The thing I like eating at Genghis Grill because you can build your own bowls. You have at least 80 different ingredients from which to choose and cook experts next to you who can advise you in what to add to your bowl.

This promotion released by Genghis Grill is pretty straight-forward. If you buy one bowl, you get another one for free. This is a good offer if you are eating out with a friend or a family member and it`s your turn to pay for the meal. It`s like paying only for what you eat, but in fact you are paying for both meals.

This promotion is slightly different than the “Genghis Grill coupons 2 for 20” deal. For that you need to pay $20 to get 2 meals. With this promotional deal you can pay less for your bowl and get another one free of charge.

You won`t find coupons from Genghis Grill at the usual sites like RetailMeNot or Valpak. But you can sign up to Khan’s Rewards and get coupons and other special deals directly to your email address. You can also use Genghis Grill`s Facebook page to see if new deals are posted from time to time.

Genghis Grill Buy One, Get One Free Coupons &Deals


Genghis Grill BOGO Coupon: B2SBOGO

Use this coupon until August 31 and get a free stir fry bowl if you buy another bowl along with 2 drinks. The coupon needs to be offered at the cashier for redemption and can`t be duplicated. There`s a one coupon for one person limit.

Khan`s Rewards FAQs

Visit the FAQs page to get more power with Khan`s Rewards.

Khan`s Rewards Card

If coupons aren`t your thing, you can always use the Rewards card released by Genghis Grill.

Genghis Grill Buy One Get One Free

Go Crazy & Spend It All in One Place

Genghis Grill gift cards are ideal to offer as gifts to your family or to show your friends. They are available at any participating location of the company.


Deals & Coupons Discounts Khan`s Rewards Promotions Updates

Genghis Grill Coupons 2 for $20 – Join Khan`s Rewards for More Deals!

As you probably already know, when it comes to Genghis Grill, there are always new deals being released such as the “Genghis Grill Coupons 2 for $20” or the “Genghis Grill Buy One, Get One Free” specials. If you enjoyed making your own bowls at their restaurants, these deals will most definitely appeal to you.

The Genghis Grill prices hasn`t been expensive most of the time, but customers still look for new deals if they can grab some. After all, it`s not only about satisfying your cravings, but also about saving money.

Genghis Grill Coupons 2 for 20 & Other Deals


2 for $20

You get two bowls, two drinks and an ice cream sundae for just $20.

Get a Free Bowl

With an order of an adult bowl and two soft drinks, you also get another free bowl.

$24.99 OFF

Get two bowls, 2 drinks, an appetizer and an ice cream sundae for only $24.99.

Buy One Bowl, Get One Free

You can choose from 80 fresh ingredients and have no one to answer to. Notice what Grill Masters cock to learn from the best and make your order close to perfection.

Genghis Grill Rewards Card

If you want to get yourself a rewards card from this brand, you should visit the Genghis Grill Khan’s Rewards page here. You need a Genghis Grill login to access your account or register for a new one if you don`t already own one.

Additionally, if you join the Khan`s Rewards page you also get free birthday bowls as well as free drinks or food.

Genghis Grill – Locations

Want to know of a great location near you? Nothing easier! Just visit the page the company has created especially for people like you to see where is the nearest Genghis Grill location.

Genghis Grill Coupons 2 for 20

Every time you need a Genghis Grill free bowl or find out how to build your own Stir Fry, you should just visit the official site of the company.