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One Day Only Deal

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One Day Only Double Points

Your tummy is rumbling? Conquer your appetite and grab a delicious meal from Genghis Grill.

Dine in-store, plan ahead with online orders or get it delivered through the GG app – but forget about your loved ones too!

Valid only one day (1/17/2023) so hurry up!

You can enjoy amazing cuisine with a bit of an extra perk of double points.

Just remember that special offers won’t be combinable when redeeming so double check restrictions at participating locations before heading out!

Certain restrictions apply, available at participating locations only.

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Bowl For 10

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The perfect pairing. Get your $10 Low Country Boil Bowl using code “LOWCOUNTRY” before this deal is gone! This coupon will be available for one week only, so you don’t have plenty of time to try it out.

This is the perfect opportunity to try Genghis Grill’s delicious Low Country Boil. Get it fast, before its gone for good! Regular bowls only – not rated on third party delivery platform. This deal expires July 26th so don’t miss out!!

Stop what you’re doing and head on over to Genghis Grill right now!

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Free Delivery Week

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Stop your search now. We’ve got the best deal for you!

Get a FREE delivery from Genghis Grill this week only, with no surge pricing and all of those delicious bowls delivered right to your dinner table at absolutely ZERO fees. Spend the money you would have spent on delivery on something else.

Use the special code “GGFREE” when ordering online or through their app on 4/10 through so that they will deliver without any additional costs incurred during checkout process!!

Genghis Grill is making your appetite happy this week!

You don’t have to worry about driving anywhere or even getting out of your house!

Get your favorite foods delivered straight to your doorstep.

The best meal you’ll ever have is just a click away. Order Now!

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Kids Eat Free All Week

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It pays to be the kid of a rewards member!

Do you know you have a FREE Kids Meal with any purchase offer into your account?

Use your offer online or redeem in-stores by showing your redemption code.

Offer now in your Rewards account. Valid 3/16/22 – 3/22/22 only.

Keep in mind purchasing only one regularly-priced entrée to qualify.

Limit one free item per coupon code. Expires 3/22/22.

The menu changes allow those who want to continue to create their own stir fry dishes happy but also caters to those who are looking for a more upscale option. Chefs at Genghis Grills have created more contemporary-style bowls with scratch-made sauces meant to draw in a new group of customers who may be new to the brand.

It is certainly a family experience where people come and celebrate together that Genghis Grill want to keep it as their own family. Several items on the fresh market line of the create-your-own stir fry station have been added to provide a different look than in the past. Some of the sauces have also been switched out to provide more updated options for those who want to give the Asian fusion style menu a try.

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Genghis Grill Catering %15 Off – Order Now

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15% off Genghis Grill Catering

New for 2022

Guests can customize their orders to enjoy fresh, flavorsome food without too much on hand. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner or feeding everyone in your next party-the grill has got something perfect for everyone! With 80 different ingredients and a variety of bowls available that match any lifestyle choice. Genghis Grill won’t disappoint whether keto and paleo diets or gluten free things go right down smoothly. Vegetarianism isn’t an issue either because they offer vegan options as well meat bowls.

When you’re looking for catering, Genghis Grill offers fresh and flavorful options that are available in individual or group packages. For events small or large cooks up big meals – just let them do the cooking so your free to focus on hosting without worrying!

Guests at the Genghis Grill can customize their orders to enjoy fresh, flavoursome food without too much on hand. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner or feeding everyone in your next party-the grill has got something perfect for everyone! With 80 different ingredients and a variety of bowls available that match any lifestyle choice. There’s no wrong way into this amazing restaurant. With its wide range menu choices including vegetarian options as well meat bowl selections so even vegan diets won’t disappoint those who host parties often.

Enter your exclusive code at checkout: 15CATER. Get 15% OFF your first catering order when placed before 3/15/22.Catering order must be placed before 3/15/22.

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Genghis Grill Super Bowl Weekend

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Go SUPERBOWLD With 20% Off This Weekend!

When the Super Bowl comes to L.A., it really brings it’s a game! There are plenty of events and activities for all budgets between now until Sunday. Genghis Grill is also celebrating Super Bowl with you this weekend! Get 20% off any of your bowls when ordering online or carry out orders, which happens to be Saturday and Sunday.

For more information about Genghis Grill Menu

Whether you’re looking for a healthy yet tasty dish to keep your diet consistent or just want something new, the Genghis Grill has got it. With their wide variety of bowls and options that can meet any lifestyle requirement from Keto all the way up through veganism- they’ve got something perfect in store! With a variety of bowls to choose from, you’ll be able find one that suits your lifestyle and diet. Pick up one of their signature chicken or beef fried rice dishes – they’re always delicious and different than other restaurants’ versions.

20% off weekend orders between Saturday 2/10 & Sunday 2/11 with valid code SUPERBOWLD.

As Los Angeles plans to host its first Super Bowl in nearly 30 years — and this time with a home team in contention — the city is gearing up for plenty of festivities. From A-list concerts to star-studded parties, celebrate L.A.’s biggest the big game with Genghis Grill. Certain restrictions apply, available at participating locations only!

Order Now!

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Get 2 Regular Genghis Grill Bowls for $25!

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You know what’s better than one set of good friends? Two sets!

Now you can treat your loved ones to an awesome meal with this deal from Genghis Grill.

Get 2 regular Genghis Grill bowls for $25. Before you order, use the code 2for25 at check-out or online on their official website, don’t forget that this deal only lasts until 1/25/22.

Give your taste buds the spice they crave with a new bowl. Change up your diet this week with some wild caught salmon! If you or someone in your party suffers from gluten allergies, Genghis Grill has got a special vegetarian dish just for them.  If you’re suffering from gluten allergies or just want to try something different, this dish is for YOU!

We have a limited time deal for you! Stop by your local Genghis Grill and get that perfect meal on the go. This deal is only valid only at participating locations, so hurry up before it’s too late.

(Valid 1/17/22-1/25/22)

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FREE gift from Genghis Grill to Loyalty Members

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Get your FREE gift from Genghis Grill. This is a Loyalty member exclusive –  triple points all week only this week

All users get exclusive offers and discounts from Genghis Grill but there’s even more on offer if you become a Loyalty Member.  Sign in to Official Genghis Grill Website to give your details to be a Loyal Member or download Genghis Grill loyalty app and let the exclusive, Loyalty Member  deals begin!

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Get the Family Meal Deal for just $35!

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You want to skip the long waiting time and get your food at a reasonable price. That’s why all of Genghis Grill menu items are available for ordering online too! It doesn’t matter if it’s dinner-time rush hour in town or just Friday night after work; with Genghis Grill, every day can be grill night made easy from home via Genghis Grill’s Official website.

Celebrate those who you love by eating your favorite dishes with them. With the Genghis Grill Family Meal Deal, get 2 large bowls each filled to their brim with deliciousness plus an appetizer of choice from any menu item on online ordering site- all that will cost just $35! Enter code “FAMILY35” when checking out for this tasty meal deal available now at a location near you before the deal ends.

Get your favorite food delivered right to your door! Genghis Grill offers takeout or delivery services. It is perfect for lazy nights, cold days or just when you’re looking for a quick meal without the hassle of cooking.

Validating a delivery or curbside pick-up order has never been easier thanks to new online ordering system. All you need is your credit card and an email address, so what are you waiting for?!

Family Meal Deal-Feed for 4 contains 2 Large Bowls, 2 sides of rice, and an appetizer of choice!

Enter the code “FMD35” online at checkout!

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Genghis Grill Shrimp Week

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The week is here and it’s time to try some new shrimp dishes! Whether you’re a fan of regular grilled shrimps or spicy dynamite, make sure not to miss out on Shrimp Week specials at Genghis Grill. With $2 off any size order for either the skewer-style dish or one with chili pepper sauce, now there are more reasons than ever before to get your next meal from us today–whether that means ordering takeout online, dining in person, or grabbing food as an easy appetizer when catering events around town.

Use code ‘SHRIMPWEEK‘ to get the deal online!

If you just want shrimp as an appetizer, Dynamite Shrimp is for you. How about to try it with water cashews carrots bamboo slivers beef a touch of teriyaki and rice? Jumbo shrimp grilled to perfection then glazed in house-made dynamite sauce served on your choice of cabbage or rice!!!