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Carne Asada by Genghis Grill is now available online:
Classic Mexican steak bowl featuring marinated Carne Asada:

Did you know that Carne Asada is one of the most popular recipes in Mexican cuisine? Have you ever wondered how long it takes to create a bowl full of mouth-watering, juicy Carne Asada steak?  The first step to creating your perfect dish is building up your base. This will be the foundation for all of those delicious toppings so choose wisely! First off pick out some meat; chef’s recommendation are marinated steaks called carnes asadas and they come with an amazing mix: cilantro and juicy jalapenos. We want our food tasting great not bland so make sure we have just enough seasoning on them.

For a unique taste, add onion slices and garlic water for some sweat flavor. Add green bell peppers or jalapenos to get heat in your meal. Roast red pepper will give it smoky flavor with cilantro adding freshness. Before giving the tray of food to the chef, be sure you’ve added salt, black pepper and 3G sauces because these ingredients are great at caramelizing meat as well as vegetables! The dish only takes five minutes on grill so look forward to having healthy tasty dishes which take 5 minutes total time – that’s pretty quick!

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