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Get 2 Regular Genghis Grill Bowls for $25!

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You know what’s better than one set of good friends? Two sets!

Now you can treat your loved ones to an awesome meal with this deal from Genghis Grill.

Get 2 regular Genghis Grill bowls for $25. Before you order, use the code 2for25 at check-out or online on their official website, don’t forget that this deal only lasts until 1/25/22.

Give your taste buds the spice they crave with a new bowl. Change up your diet this week with some wild caught salmon! If you or someone in your party suffers from gluten allergies, Genghis Grill has got a special vegetarian dish just for them.  If you’re suffering from gluten allergies or just want to try something different, this dish is for YOU!

We have a limited time deal for you! Stop by your local Genghis Grill and get that perfect meal on the go. This deal is only valid only at participating locations, so hurry up before it’s too late.

(Valid 1/17/22-1/25/22)


Genghis Grill Triple Points

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Birthday Blowout Genghis Grill 3x Points 

Genghis Grill is celebrating their 23rd year with a triple point week that ends on September 9th. Download the mobile app to get involved!

During this time, you can order via mobile and earn three times as many points for your meal at Genghis Grill.

Not earning enough yet? Well now’s your chance because downloading the App will give you even more chances of winning prizes at Genghis Grill!

Don’t miss out; head over to Genghis today before it’s too late!!

Find out location near by


Genghis Grill 2 for 25

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Genghis Grill Is Celebrating 21th Birthday This Week

Genghis Grill, a popular Mongolian barbecue that opened in Dallas by entrepreneur Jeff Sinelli 21 years ago is celebrating its birthday this week. They want to celebrate with you by offering “2 regular bowls of your choice for only $25” from September 1st till 8th!

It’s an exciting time for all those who love dining out. Have you been there yet? For those who have yet been there or are curious about the food they offer, go ahead and make plans with friends or family now so you can enjoy great eats together! Find a location near you here.

 To celebrate Genghis Grills 23rd birthday use the code ‘2BOWL25’ for getting your 2 regular bowls for only $25 this week.

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Get the Family Meal Deal for just $35!

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You want to skip the long waiting time and get your food at a reasonable price. That’s why all of Genghis Grill menu items are available for ordering online too! It doesn’t matter if it’s dinner-time rush hour in town or just Friday night after work; with Genghis Grill, every day can be grill night made easy from home via Genghis Grill’s Official website.

Celebrate those who you love by eating your favorite dishes with them. With the Genghis Grill Family Meal Deal, get 2 large bowls each filled to their brim with deliciousness plus an appetizer of choice from any menu item on online ordering site- all that will cost just $35! Enter code “FAMILY35” when checking out for this tasty meal deal available now at a location near you before the deal ends.

Get your favorite food delivered right to your door! Genghis Grill offers takeout or delivery services. It is perfect for lazy nights, cold days or just when you’re looking for a quick meal without the hassle of cooking.

Validating a delivery or curbside pick-up order has never been easier thanks to new online ordering system. All you need is your credit card and an email address, so what are you waiting for?!

Family Meal Deal-Feed for 4 contains 2 Large Bowls, 2 sides of rice, and an appetizer of choice!

Enter the code “FMD35” online at checkout!

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Genghis Grill 25% Off Coupon – This week only

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Use Coupon Code: 25BDAY

To qulaify for this deal you must spend a total of $20 on your order to qualify for a 25% OFF discount.

This deal cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promotions and doesn’t includes Florida locations. The deal expires on 9/13/20.

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Genghis Grill Brandon Special

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Genghis Grill in Brandon has a few new Exclusive Offers for you!

Here is the first great news! Wine Down Wednesday is on for carry out or other To Go Orders – but for limited time. Your Wine is also sealed and Packed with Your Bowls and best of all, the Price is exactly the same at $29.

You get 2 regular bowls and any bottle of wine on your carry out order. This offer ends 04/08/20.

Thats not the only good news from Genghis Grill Brandon; there’s more.

During this Offer you get a “One Kid Eats for Free” coupon with any purchase of an adult bows. The chiclren’s special offer runs daily (not just Tuesdays) until the end of the Wind Down Wednesday promo; which is 04/08/20.

The last special offer is $1 off from all takeaway drinks.

Hurry up and enoy the Genghis Wine Down special offer while it lasts!

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Genghis Grill Covid Update

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Genghis Grill is still Open for You

Because of government instructions regarding Covid-19, Genghis Grill made some adjustments to its opening hours.

First of all Genghis Grill;s NEW STORE HOURS are from 12PM-8PM
Secondly Genghis Restaurants are open, but do not allow dinning at their tables or sitting.

You can still find everything you need to create your any size or flavor of sizzling bowl; but the restaurants will offer takeaway service only until further notice.

You can still Order Online and pick it up by yourself.

You can also order home delivery ou can have On the Go orders by DoorDash Delivery.

Doordash delivery a is free service for Genghis Grill customers!

Also there is an exclusive offer for users of the Genghis Grill app.

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Genghis Grill Halloween Contest – Win a $50 Gift Card

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We have some great news for all Genghis Grill Fans!

Throwback Tuesday has started!

Show your best Halloween costume and stand a chance to win a $50 Giftcard

To participate in the contest: First find your all Halloween pictures and share you best ones on the Genghis Grill Social Accounts. That’s all you need to do to stand a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Keep in mind, you only have very short time to join the competition don’t delay and share the spirit of Halloween!

Also if you want to eat healthy, fill the most of your bowl with vegetables, and stick to servings of protein and starch to increase the overall nutritional value of your meal or share your gift with your loved ones.

To find out more, visit

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Genghis Grill $100 GIVEAWAY

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We want to know what your favorite Genghis Grill recipe is!

Any special ingredients or secret tips you have?

Would you like to share your secret with us?

Click Here to put a comment or share with your friends.

Genghis Grill is voting on the best recipe.

Lucky winner will get $100 GIVEAWAY!

Share Your Secret With Genghis Grill Today!

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Genghis Grill Bottomless Bowls Are Back

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Attention all Genghis Grill Fans!!  This is a Bowl Madness News.

If you are a Genghis Grill Fan you know how delicious and healthy bowls you can get.

Are you ready for great news? Here we go!

For limited time only, Bottomless Bowls are back again.  Go as often as you like and eat as much as you like.  You only pay for the large bowl price for your bottomless bowl. Isn’t that great? For the price of a large bowl, you can get unlimited trips to the line! Free bowl refills just as you can imagine!

Here’s the last Bottomless Bowl Contest Details for 2 Weeks on March 2019;

This is just a starting; we have some very exciting contest news for you.

You could win a free bottomless bowl.

All you need to do is take part in Genghis Grill’s social contest between March 12-18 and you might be the winner of a grand prize.

How Can You Enter the Contest?

Day 1 of 5: “I wish I could have bottomless ___.”

Fill in that part with your favourite endless food and add EMOJI in the end, if you comment Genghis Grill Instagram Page you could win a Free Bowl.⠀

Prizes will be awarded on Monday March 18th at noon, so make sure to enter all contests – and alert your friends to join in.⠀

Let’s start with the contest for an unlimited, bottomless, health, stir fry, yummy, and give a way contest and comment with an EMOJI.

Day 2 of 5: “Find a Fun Name for the Genghis Grill Fictional Basketball Team”

Who doesn’t love Basketball? Which one is your favourite team? Is it Warriors, maybe Celtics or Rockets? We love Basketball and we love Genghis Grill.

The NBA season will end on 10th of April 2019 and we will celebrate all basketball games with a bowl of Genghis Grill and a bottle of selected beer. This is “#HowWeGenghis” for the finals too.

Imagine! Genghis Grill has a Basketball Team and playing in finals.

Wait a minute! We have no name for our team so we need your help.

Give your best imagine fun name and comment on Genghis Grills Instagram post Day 2 of 5 and stand to get a chance to have 2 FREE BOWLSfrom Genghis Grill nearby you.

All prizes will be awarded on Monday March 18th at noon, so make sure to enter all 5 contests until then!