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There is great news for new followers from Genghisgrills.

On the first day of Genghis was 14th of December and will continue till 25th of December. Here how we do 12 days of Genghis:

Go to Genhisgrill Instagram Account Like and comment @GenghisGrill Genghisgrill is celebrating 12 days of Genghis!!

You have 80 fresh indregents to choose from. Authentic Asian sauces provide a wide range of wonderful flavour’s to suite everyone’s taste.

That means every one of new follower is celebrating the 1 bowl a day too. What about a true Genghisgrill fan?

Double Points for Monday, Kids eat Free Tuesday, Wine Dine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and of course give Genghis Get Rewarded for you too all.

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