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Christmas is almost here, and you don’t know what present to buy for your friends and family.

Well, fret not! You can never go wrong with a Genghisgrills Christmas gift card.

Once you buy a $25 gift card from Genghis, you’ll get a $5 bonus that you can use between the 1st of January to the 31th of March, 2019 – that’s right, it’s valid for two more months.

This extended bonus will surely make the new year specialfor you and your family.

But wait, there’s more! Genghis Grill has prepared a special bonus that rewards you three times over for being a loyal fan.

When you buy a $50 gift card from Genghis Grill, you get three $5 bonus cards on the spot for a total of $15. This special is running until the 31st of December so get your card now!

Genghis Grill gift cards are the perfect Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

To be eligible for the bonus, you don’t need to buy asingle $50 gift card. You can spread it over a couple of gifts cards. As longas the total of your gift card purchasesis $50, you’ll get three extra $5 gift cards to enjoy.

Make sure to say hello to your grill masters next time you stop by!

We don’t need boring or bland meals in our life; we need food that feeds the adventure! Buy your gift card now.

Buy Genghisgrill Christmas Gift Card Get 3 times $5bonusCards

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