Genghis Grill’s Steak Tenderloin Skewer

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Tenderloin steak with a chill sesame ginger vinaigrette noodle salad and topped with peanuts. A meal that is sure to please any palate, this Kung Pao glazed dish has it all!

A tasty chilled noodle salad has never tasted so good before. Genghis Grill is not just known for their delicious steer fires but known for skewers too. What about when you’re looking to spice up your evening? Genghis Grill’s Steak Tenderloin Skewer is a must-try for anyone who loves steak. It’s a perfect pairing with chilled sesame noodle salad, which you can have as both an appetizer and light meal for yourself! The seasoned and seared meat is cooked just right so it won’t be tough to chew on this delicious skewered steak. Order Now!

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